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12 quick way of conceiving the most powerful

Whether you are undergoing pregnant? Or whether you are a couple who are alreadyso long craved the presence of fruit of the heart? Or maybe you have tried various Cara Cepat Hamil in recent years but have not been successful?

12 Quick Way of conceiving Programs

Here is a quick way to program 12 pregnant that you can follow.

1. Pray
Before starting the program your pregnant, then pray to God so that first programpregnant will you undertake to fruition. In addition, praying is the most potentweapon for those who can give you the strength to keep trying, as well as make something impossible possible.

2. Identify Your Fertile Period
In one menstrual cycle, there are 5-7 days time fertile. This period is the period in which the expense occurred the egg from the ovaries. If you are a woman with a regular menstrual cycle, that isthe cycle of 28-32 days, it means you have a most fertile on day 14 or 15. However, if you are a woman with irregular menstrual cycles, then you can calculate your fertile period with the counter ovulation or if you know the last day of your menstrual period and how long your menstrual cycle normally, then you can use the calculator prediction of ovulation.

3. During Fertile Berhubunganlah
Sex on fertile period time can be one of the quick ways to get pregnant. The fertileperiod is a six-day period ending on the day the time of ovulation. Pregnancy seems to be very likely to happen if the sex within three days prior to ovulation.

Richard Paulson, Chief of Reproductive Endocrinology and infertility Division, KeckSchool of medicine University of Southern California, said that married couples oftenwait until the end of the day of ovulation or later for sex. If you really want to get pregnant, we recommend that you connect intimlah before.

4. Position the right Touch
The position also affects whether a quick fuck someone pregnant. There are at least 3positions that can enlarge your chances to conceive.

Position or the position of conventional missionaris
This position is often called the Man on Top position or men over women. With this position, the head of the penis directly face to face with the mouth of the uterus so that at the moment of ejaculation to occur, sperm can swim can be directly towardsthe uterus and fertilize an egg. You can also make modifications by putting a pillowunder my butt to your partner, so that the position of the hip is higher than the stomach. This position also allows the sperm to swim easily toward the uterus.

Spooning position
On the position of men and women each other sideways and facing the same direction with the men behind the women. This position allows very deep penetration and occurrence, and when ejaculation occurs the sperm can swim rapidly to reach awoman's uterus.

Doggy style position
In this position the woman tengkurap with the body resting on both knees and both hands, while men penetrate from behind. Sperm comes out of the penis leadingdirectly into the mouth of the uterus so that it is easy to reach the egg cell.

5. Stop a bad habit

We all know the dangers of smoking when you are pregnant. Smoke will interfere withyour fetus, causing the abort or baby born denngan low birth weight, and increases the risk of asthma in infants.

If you are currently undergoing program was pregnant, then you should really stay away from smoking. Smoking greatly affect fertility. Smoking on some cases canhamper the possibilities to impregnate up to one year. Passive smokers can also havethe delay to get pregnant.

Smoking can decrease the hormone levels in women where the hormone is needed bycells to ova when issued and provide nutrients in the cells of the fertilized ovum in the uterus before.

Experts say that men who smoke have a tendency to have a low sperm count. Spermalso produced most of the abnormal. The number of sperm is said to decline about 17% in one study.

You are also advised to stop alcohol consumption. Some studies have shown that drinking alcohol can cause difficulty to conceive. Danish studies suggest that drinkingone to five glasses of alcohol a week can reduce the chances of getting pregnant, butdrinking alcohol up to 10 cups can lower the chances of getting pregnant a lot more.

The researchers did not get a definite number of the relationship between the highlevels of alcohol and the time that someone is trying to get pregnant. But there is a growing likelihood abort even with small amounts of alcohol though (two glasses a week).

Alcohol can also damage male fertility. Consuming too much alcohol can affect thequantity and quality of sperm. Men are advised to still avoid alcohol if her partner is undergoing program was pregnant.

Drinking too much coffee can also damage a woman's fertility. Experts say thatdrinking coffee is more than 5 cups a day (about 500 mg of caffeine) is associated with decreased fertility. But you don't need to worry if you only consume one cup of coffee a day. Likewise with soda. Try not to consume caffeine above 200 mg a day.

6. Adjust eating patterns
Healthy food diet benefits can not be underestimated. You should consume a balanced food containing all kinds of foods from all food groups. Women know a lotabout diet but don't know much about nutrition.

If you are currently undergoing program was pregnant, then you are advised toconsume complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread, oatmeal, yams, cassava,corn, potatoes, brown rice, some kind of vegetable and fruits as a source of energy.Expand the consumption of vegetable protein rather than animal protein. The mainbeans green beans contains vitamin E can help you increase fertility. Sprouts also contain vitamin B6 which is one of the sources of nutrients which regulatereproductive hormones.

It is recommended you avoid refined carbohydrates because it may decrease the absorption of nutrients by the body. This type of carbohydrates release glucose too quickly into the blood stream so the pancreas works harder release the hormone insulin. In women, this causes an increase in testosterone hormone and hormonal imbalances that can affect ovulation. Trans fats, also known as fat terhidrogenasi areusually found in fried foods. Refined oil and some margarine. This can prevent fatbody in utilizing essential oils and cause fertility problems.

Avoid raw foods in your diet. Raw foods such as vegetables and raw fish can potentially carry a parasite that can cause Toxoplasmosis. Positive women suffering from toxoplasmosis is very vulnerable to abort and the difficulty to conceive.

7. Get your Ideal body weight
If your weight is in the normal range, you have a greater chance of getting pregnant.Mean body mass index (IMT) between 18.5 and 24.9. If your IMT above 25 means youremedies as excess body weight, and IMT remedies above 30 as obese.

Studies conducted in 2008 in the Netherlands found that every increase in IMT over29 menurukan figures likely to get pregnant about 4%.

Researchers are also evaluating body mass index (IMT) on the circa 2112 pregnant women. In the penetian, obtained by women who have become pregnant before theIMT 25-39 (considered excess body weight or obes) have twice as long to get pregnant. IMT is less than 19 (IMT normal is 18.5-24.9), even less than that found by the researchers. Women with less than 19 IMT has a delay to get pregnant 4 times as long dibandigkan with a normal woman.

Keeping a normal body weight remained open solely women's responsibility. MarilynGlenville author Getting Pregnant Faster says, if men and women have excess weight, it will be more difficult for them to undergo the program pregnant.

Zita West, a midwife who run fertility clinic says, if you have excess body weight or less, then this will affect your hormones and ovulate.

Angela Probert, author of The Well-Informed Parent echoes that said, have a weightbelow or above normal can affect fertility with hormonal balance which interfere withthe responsible regulating the menstrual cycle. Weight is also a factor affecting the health of the sperm. Man with a weight below normal or above normal have a lowersperm quality.

8. Regular exercise
Exercise is one way to restore reasonable if done with stress. Marilyn said, exercise is beneficial throughout the not done excessively.

One study has suggested that women who do physical exercises intensively and veryoften have lower fertility figures. This study does not prove that the physical exercisethat causes a decrease in fertility, but there may be other reasons such as thewomen's weight.

As excess body weight can affect fertility, then the exercise combined with healthy food is the best choice.

9. The Jack with Fertility Fertility Supplement that is safe
A healthy diet should provide you all kinds of vitamins and minerals that you need.But if you don't get the kind of nutritious food for your prenatal diet, thensupplements can help.

For you women who plan to have children, you are advised to consume folic acid to reduce the risk of babies born with neural tube defects such as spina bifida. You should drink daily supplement if you are trying to get pregnant and until the age of12 weeks of pregnancy, when the fetus's spine has been formed.

Before pregnancy, some doctors will recommend vitamin D which can stimulate yourfertility. Various supplements to stimulate your fertility is on jurushamil.com. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to low sperm count. Zinc, selenium, vitamins C and E can provide an effect on fertility, as well as the amino acids L-arginine and L-carnitine. The oxidative stress caused by free radicals can be destructive terhadapat cells of the bodyfor example, sperm cells and can lower a woman's fertility and health of your content.Angela says, the body can use vitamin C and E and the mineral selenium to get rid offree radicals and reduces the effect of destruktifnya.

10. Don't delay Pregnancy
If you are married and are ready to become a parent, you are advised not to postponepregnancy either by using a contraceptive method or by delaying sex.

The main contraception method containing hormones can disrupt the balance of thehormones progesterone and estrogen in your body, so your fertility will be disturbed.

MC Lure says, delaying sex, or some couples call it "saving" sperm, will not enlargeyour chances to conceive.

MC Lure also said, after a week, the number of sperm will increase, but motilitasnyawill be reduced. No sex more than 5 days can indeed increase the sperm count slowly.But intercourse every other day also once will not reduce sperm count.

11. avoid stress
Have obtained a connection between stress and fertility, but it is difficult to dirincikan.Stress and lack of sleep is an important factor of failure is pregnant. Stress and sleep deprivation will send signals to your body that it is currently not the right time to conceive.

A study published in Fertility and Sterility in 2011 get that lady who often stress aboutmoney and jobs tend to be difficult to get pregnant than women who are notworrying about money and jobs.

12. check the health condition
Health checks include your reproductive system conditions, the level of fertility and others. An examination of the level of fertility is very important done by married couples, should ideally be done by both sides. An examination of fertility can be doneif you had been married within 8-12 months without the use of contraceptives and dohusband and wife relationship is active but have yet to appear signs of pregnancy.

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With so many potential effects that can affect fertility, thus creating a natural lifestylecan be a quick way for pregnant women. Marylin said, this includes nutrition (healthy eating patterns), lifestyle and supplement intake. A combination of a whole can help improve your fertility.