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The causes and how to overcome contractions while pregnant

The causes and how to overcome contractions while pregnant

What are the causes of contractions and how to address it during pregnancy?

To know the main causes of stomach cramps is the best way of overcoming stomach cramps while pregnant, if seen from the cause, there are several causes of stomach cramps or could be so http://jurushamil.com/penyebab-dan-cara-mengatasi-sakit-perut-bagian-bawah-saat-hamil/ among them:

1. Sex

After a relationship of husband and wife, would usually make the stomach feelcramps, this can be caused by exhaustion and stimuli that can make your stomach feelcramps, besides the liquid from the sperm contains prostaglandins, substances that can trigger premature contraction reaction.

Actually having sex while pregnant may and not banned, as long as it knows the security boundaries that can be done. For that you can read the article from Luvizhea.com: when is the right time having sex while pregnant? and Shall issue thesperms ' in ' while pregnant?

2. Indication of miscarriage

Stomach cramps are an indication of a miscarriage. Sustained stomach cramps thataccompanied the spots while pregnant, it indicates you are having a miscarriage, so you should not underestimate the stomach cramps like this, the cause could be due tomany factors, You stress and fatigue or perhaps Your weak content. For it do not dostrenuous activities, and immediately checking the content of kedokter if the stomachcramps are increasingly being accompanied flecks, usually you will get the drugcontent of such content if the amplifier is included in category content is weak.

3. The increase in blood pressure

When entering the second trimester pregnancy, expectant mothers generally willincrease blood pressure or hypertension, it is because of the increase in the amount ofprotein in the blood that affects blood vessels and can trigger the appearance ofstomach cramps accompanied by dizziness or http://jurushamil.com/morning-sickness-pada-ibu-hamil/ . To overcome this, young pregnant women are advised to take the time to rest more, whether it's with lay down or sit down.

4. Lack of intake of oxygen to the uterus

The shortage of oxygen intake in the body causing a nuisance which caused a sense of the cramps in the stomach when the mother was pregnant. If the intake of oxygeninto the uterus is not fluent, it means the flow of blood was not fluent, so dangerous for mother and janinnya. Lack of oxygen intake in pregnant women can be caused byseveral factors, among them:

Emotional factors can affect pregnant women. If pregnant women are a lot ofthoughts and experience stress overload, it will affect the intake of oxygen in the body.

Activities of pregnant women can cause excessive intake of oxygen is less. Whenpregnancy is indeed advisable to decrease the activity of much less activity.

Less nutrient intake and nutrition sufficiently, it can be the cause of reduced energyuse by blood. This energy is needed by the body because it is used to deliver blood and oxygen from the heart to the uterus.

5. Infection

stomach cramps while pregnant which can be caused by prolonged infections, such asurinary tract infections (UTI) or kidney infection. The symptoms are cramps and painsin the lower abdomen and hips. For that you are advised to drink plenty of plain water, with many drinking plain water then you'll often piss, with you often piss thosebacteria-bacteria and toxins in the body can be issued, do not hold your pee, andcheck the kedokter immediately to get the best handling. You can also read the following article: solutions overcome urinary tract infections while pregnant.

6. Stretching the ribs and stomach enlargement

Along with increasing age and size of the fetus, in addition to widening the pelvicbone, the growth of the fetus in the womb will effect directly on the ribs. The ribbones will be strong in order to sustain the growth of stretchable fetus growingstature. Stomach cramps will certainly be very agonizing, the ladies ever feeluncomfortable going to such conditions. How to cope with abdominal pain while pregnant young due to perenggangan ribs is gentle exercise like walking around the neighborhood House in the morning or the afternoon, and many of the rest.

As pregnant women are smart, we must know and understand the type of contraction of what we're experiencing. So, when it happens you don't have to panic and can soon be resolved wisely.